Through the Symbolism of the Wheel

ISBN 13: 978-1-56184-045-8

ISBN 10: 1-56184-045-9

7” x 7”  40 pages

Case Bound with Color Dust Jacket and Color Inserts


Vlad Korbel was born in the Bohemian city of Prague, the city of Václav Havel, Franz Kafka, and Jan Hus, who was burned at stake by the Catholic Church for preaching the truth. In his youth, Vlad participated in the rave counter-culture inspired by Terence McKenna. Vlad’s second home is in Ecuador, where he also spent time in the Amazon. Ultimately, however, Vlad dedicated his career to studying human behavior. Instructed by Stanford Innovation Program, from which he received a professional certificate, he spent seven years running hundreds of qualitative interviews and observations of human behavior in one of the biggest pharma companies in the world, spending a significant time in Basel, Switzerland.

Inspired by years of research on human behavior, Vlad decides to undergo multiple journeys of inquiry to the Supreme Self, opening up the possibility of direct two-way communication. The Self, in a conversation, communicates to him the ultimate truths. Furthermore, through extreme curiosity and a strong will, Vlad penetrates behind a veil where he finds a hidden insight. The insight, guarded by a fear of death, is who we are in truth. Using basic logic, he attempts to explain what cannot be explained, blending it into a symbol of a wheel, which in his view, best illustrates the fundamental principles of our existence.


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