On What Is A Freedom Enchantment in 23 Acts

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Join herb and his cast of interlocutors (which includes (the goddess) Sophia) as they investigate the way of the physical realm, the way of Mind, and in general, What is. Many timely issues confronting humans (and you k-now who you are) are teased about, including the underlying nature of that mysterious fluid type magical substance called electricity, the shaman Bostrom’s simulation argument, and that most Dangerous of all undertakings whereupon the conspiracy of who Do you believe, issues associated with Being born into this world, ancient ideas associated with the Immortality of the soul, and the flexibility of time and the need for the divine are investigated ontologically. This Gnostic tour de force challenges today s trendy materialism by accepting the ontological necessity of other realm(s) besides the physical (implications in agreement with the quantum vacuum mechanisms of the modern physics). As an ontology of on What is is developed in detail, the machinations (and Hidden religion) of the cabal of maniac magicians (whom herb calls the sons of Beliel those sOb’s) occasionally need take center stage, whereupon the sOb’s dark magick of statecraft, usury, propaganda, and their Brain builders dream is criticized, and, most importantly, maybe, the difference between sorcery and theurgy is elucidated. Necessarily a book about the Computer, a book on Physics, a book on Mind, butt most aptly described as a freedom enchantment for those whom would be interested in light And life. (Sea, four example, the book dedication and oVerture, and then please begin your investigation, for indeed, every wo/man is a star).

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ja wallin is a nom de plume for an Amerikan PhD who advocates using the great shaman Buckminster Fuller’s geometrical and synergetic ideas to explain all aspects of the physical and metaphysical world(s). ja holds four university degrees covering electrical engineering, physics and computer science, and has internationally recognized research accomplishments in statistical mechanics, computational electromagnetics, and cellular automata. Currently his research interests include computational Cosmography, the quantum mind, the immortality of the soul, the New World Order, and What is.


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