NATURE’S SYMPHONY Lessons In Number Vibrations

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Lessons In Number Vibrations

Page Count: 128 pages
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ISBN 13: 978-156184-524 -8
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Categories:  Numerology, Metaphysics, Religion, Music

In this Small Gem, Mrs. L. Dow Balliett, a master of vibrations and numerology, teaches us about the Name or Level of Consciousness, the Mission of the Birth Force and Comic Adjustment through Food Choice and even the practice of Harmony through Dress. A very interesting and special feature in this book is her lecture on The Music of the Spheres. The author takes deliberate care in teaching how the frequency of different vibrations affect almost everything around us and how we can either blindly submit to these vibrations or actually tune in to them and hence calibrate our own vibrational attunement to a higher and more spiritual level.

Mrs. L. Dow Balliett, was born March 1, 1847 as Sarah Joanna Dennis, to Quaker parents on the East Coast of the United States. In Atlantic City, Mrs. Dow held numerous leadership roles in countless civic, cultural and musical organizations, leaving her mark in history.

She is best known to modern numerologists as the founder of the Master Number system, whereby the numbers 11 and 22 are not reduced. She combined Pythagoras’ work with Biblical reference. She and her female student, Juno Jordan, of the California Institute of Numerical Research, founded, proved, and helped numerology become the system known today as Pythagorean.

A fascinating and informative book showing that numbers are spiritually connected to everything. This is a must read for all students of esoterica and occult practices.
–Dr. Israel Regardie