The cybertransformation has pushed us into a New Time.  Can we survive it?
Magick replies with an emphatic Yes!  It offers its art as a tool to harness our rage and our technics and find and do our wills.  Yet even now the age-old opponents of magick spurn it.  Science, religion, the state and the mercenary mundanity of common culture—though themselves befuddled by the transformation—retain their grip on the human spirit.
The essays in this book describe avenues for breaking this hold and liberating spirit, but also warn of some dead ends.  Though the promise of magick is endless, the practice of magick is not without risk. Then again, nothing effective is safe, for any tool that cuts can cut the wrong way.  Many fear magick because they aren’t sure what the right way looks like…even as they willingly enlist as fleshware for the Algorithm.

A cliff can look safe
if one is in the middle of
the flock going over it.

Stephen Mace was initiated into the practice of magick by force majeure when a Tarot reading predicted a police raid, which occurred three days later.  In the five decades since, he has dedicated himself to the discovery of the fundamental dynamics of the art, the better to empower individuals against the forces both internal and external that seek to oppress them.  He has written many books to promote this purpose, including Stealing the Fire from Heaven, Taking Power, Seizing Power, and Shaping Formless Fire, the last three available through New Falcon Publications.


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